Over time, we lose collagen and elasticy from our skin. Factors such as smoking, stress, sun exposure, excessive alcohol, genetics, pollutants in the air and illness conspire to create lines, wrinkles and scars.*

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation™ uses natural, variable wavelengths of light to gently stimulate or inhibit cellular activity to reduce the signs of aging.*

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Typically treatments are done weekly over a period of 6 weeks. Once you achieve a good level of correction, you can spread the treatments out to once every three to six months for maintenance of ongoing aging.*

Alternatively, you can also choose to add one session of Gentlewaves® treatment to your regular facials to energize your skin. You can choose to do the treatment when you want a “complexion pick-me-up”.*

Will the Treatment Hurt?

No. The treatment is very relaxing. The delivery of the LED energy to the skin is fast and generally pain free. The energy generated by the LEDs is cool and gentle enough to treat all ethnic skin types.*