Dr. Gupta’s EasyLift is a smarter approach to the traditional facelift. It should give the same longer lasting results as a traditional facelift, but with less trauma and recovery time. Unlike a traditional facelift, the procedure is performed strictly under local anesthesia in the office. Most patients fall asleep during the procedure.  The advantages of using local anesthesia versus general anesthesia are: 1) Much faster recovery time; 2) Less trauma during surgery with far less bleeding; 3) Minimal to no bruising; 4) Minimal swelling; 5) None of the risks associated with general anesthesia.*

The recovery time is very minimal and patients are often back to work in public within 3-4 days. We do ask you to refrain from strenuous activities and bending over for two to three weeks following the procedure. There are no bandages, no drains and no sutures that need to be removed. The procedure involves making a thin incision over the ear, strategically well hidden, and extending behind the ear, but not into the scalp. The underlying SMAS and Platysma muscle (muscular layers) are tightened to give longlasting results for facial and neck tightening. The eyebrows and lower eyelids are also greatly improved. The excess skin is trimmed off to reveal your original youthful features.  The lift is carefully designed to provide vertical raising versus lateral pulling.  This allows the patient to look entirely normal without having that pulled appearance.*